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Nov 3, 2015. They are all powered using a service called BuyCraft. BuyCraft allows you to setup a webstore, and then send custom commands to the server when you buy a rank. For example, I could create a package (or virtual product) that, when bought, would send multiple server commands to set a players rank,.

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I am starting a minecraft server. I will be having a website and donations. What should I choose Enjin DonationCraft or Custom Website BuyCraft? Prison - Buycraft store. - Donator ranks. - Custom currency system and shop. More info Hi there, Im using the Bryant theme, and I injected both codes above (one by one) into my Custom CSS editor and Im still not able to make my logo bigger, heres the site I just started building httpsmonique-muro.squarespace.com For some reason the logo isnt getting any bigger. Anything else I can try?

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