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Assignment Service Shape In Pega

Dec 19, 2016. what is the scope of Utility shape? what is the significance of utility shape? We have Activity type as Activity then y we are using Utility shape?. you can also use pre and post processing action from a flow action to call an activity, but that requires the user to land on an assignment where that is the highest. PEGA PRPC INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. The available shapes are. Start task Assignment Assignment service Comment. Connect the notify shape to Apr 8, 2015. Assignment design can shape learning outcomes if we start with objectives that force us to be specific in what we want students to know and be able to do. May 14, 2015. PRPC act as service for creating case from email. D. PRPC can act as neither service or connector for fetching price from price catalogue. E. PRPC can. D. Flow action. E. Configure step behavior. F. Process tab. 40. Which shape can be associated with Decision Table? A. Assignment. B. Smart Shape. C.

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How to configure flows in Pega?

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