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Mar 22, 2012. by Timothy McAdoo Question When a book has multiple editions, which edition should I include in my reference list?. an early draft of the article from the authors personal page, a website that is now gone) and 2014, when the same article (slightly revised) was first published in an online magazine. Maybe. The book Revisions Zen for Film, Hanna B. Holling is published by Bard Graduate Center. With the exception of Parish Registers and Civil Births, Deaths and Marriages, the Valuation Office Revision Books are amongst the most useful sources available to the Irish genealogist. The Revision Books are a continuation of Griffiths Valuation of Ireland officially the Primary Valuation of Tenements. The purpose of this. Jan 23, 2018. Road and Bridge Specifications and Revisions Announcements - 411122007 Road and Bridge Specifications (Imperial) Please note that the 2007 Road and Bridge Specifications book will be effective starting on the July 2008 Advertisement.

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