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Best Cheap Headphones

Feb 12, 2018. No need to splurge on headphones to get great sound. Take a look at some of the best picks out there under 100, including in-ear, over-ear, and Bluetooth headphones. I did a lot of research and listening to find what is something of tolerable audio quality for an audiophile like myself, but cheap enough that they are semi disposable. As in if I lose them once a year I dont cry myself to sleep. I also wanted a. Dec 21, 2017. If you own an iPhone and need a cheap in-ear pair with an iOS-compatible mic, or if youre an Android user and the absence of volume control is a dealbreaker for you, our previous pick, the Brainwavz Delta, is your best option. As panelist Brent Butterworth said last time, These are the only headphones.

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